Wasabi Theme for WordPress Documentation

💡BEGINNER’S GUIDE: if you are new, we recommend you start here:

❓ Before you begin

Is there a demo?

How many types of licenses are there?

I only need the license for one site, can I upgrade it in the future?

Does the template get updated?

Am I entitled to support?

What do I need to use Wasabi Theme?

What would happen to my site if I don’t renew Wasabi?

Can I request a refund?

Is it compatible with other plugins?

▶️ First steps

How do I install Wasabi Theme?

How do I activate the license?

How do I update the theme?

Creating a Website with Wasabi Theme: Installation, Main Features, and User Guide

📝 Licenses

How long does the license last?

What happens when the license expires?

Does the license renew automatically?

How much does the renewal cost?

How can I manually renew my license?

You’ve already renewed, what now?

How can I upgrade my license?

How can I change the domain license?

Do we offer a lifetime license?

Errors activating the license

🚀 Speed Optimization (WPO)

How to Improve Loading Speed with Wasabi Theme: Step-by-Step Guide

Can I use Wasabi and WP Rocket or similar plugins?

What hosting do you recommend for achieving the best performance?

PageSpeed indicates that jQuery is not being used, how do I remove it?

How can I prevent AdSense ads from harming the loading speed?

How can I stop fonts from blocking rendering?

How can I deactivate specific styles or scripts?

Which plugins can I remove to reduce site load?

🥇 SEO Optimization

How do I enable structured data (Schema)?

How do I automate dates and years in meta, content, etc.?

How can I remove the word “category” from category URLs?

How can I highlight posts? And change the different anchor links to the same ones?

How can I add categories to pages?

Categories or pages? How to create a structure of only parent and child pages

An entry has multiple categories, why can’t I choose the primary one?

Yoast SEO indicates that no internal links have been detected, why?

I’m using the YASR plugin and there are errors and issues with Products in Search Console, why?

📈 Web analytics

Where do I place the Google Analytics code?

Where do I place the Google Tag Manager (GTM) code?

Where do I place the Yandex.Metrica code?

💸 Advertising and announcements

Where do I place the Google AdSense code?

How do I enable Google AdSense auto ads?

📦 Affiliation products and APIs

Which affiliate programs does Wasabi Theme integrate with?

Can Wasabi Theme be used without an API?

Is it possible to geolocate affiliate links for multiple countries?

How can I change the color of CTA buttons, product names, etc.?

How to obtain and configure the Amazon API?

How to obtain and configure the eBay API?

How to obtain and configure the AliExpress API?

How do you clear the product cache?

The prices are not displayed, why?

Is there a notice indicating that API usage restrictions may be applied?

Is it not connecting to the Amazon API and showing “Provider configuration is not valid”?

Did you just create the API Key but it’s not working?

Can I change affiliate links from rel sponsored to nofollow?

What are the differences between AAWP and Wasabi Theme?

⚖️ Product comparison tables

How do you use comparison tables?

How can I display different pros and cons between comparisons and individual products?

Can additional cells with more features be manually added to comparisons?

How can I add multiple comparisons on the same page?

How can I change the colors of the CTAs, badges, etc.?

How can I hide elements from comparisons and products?

How can I create a comparison without individual products being visible?

Is it possible to display stars and the number of reviews?

🔗 Clusters

How can I display only images in entry or page clusters?

How can I display images in entry or page clusters?

How can I create a category cluster with icons and featured entries?

How to change the order of featured entries in the category cluster?

When selecting entries or pages for a cluster, an error JSON appears? Why?

I want to display specific pages or entries, but they don’t appear? Why?

📋 Table of Contents

How can I create a table of contents?

I use the Table of Contents Plus or Easy Table of Contents plugin, but the table is inserted within a block I don’t want. Why?

🎨 Design and customization

Can I use Wasabi Theme with other languages? Is it compatible with plugins to create multilingual sites?

How can I change text strings or translate Wasabi Theme?

How can I set a white background on posts or pages?

How can I create full-width pages?

How can I create an automatic mega menu?

How can I create a professional-looking homepage?

How can I add icons, texts, and clusters on category pages?

How do I change the color of the headers h1, h2, h3, h4…?

How to increase the font size in general, headers, or the main menu?

How can I add a menu in the footer? For example, the legal notice menu

How can I increase or decrease the width of the articles without affecting the header or footer?

How can I make the logo bigger?

How can I display all categories and subcategories in the breadcrumbs?

How to disable breadcrumbs on the homepage?

How to remove breadcrumbs on categories?

How can I add a highlighted button in the menu (CTA)?

How to enable and configure the author box in posts or pages?

How to make the sidebar widgets fixed or sticky?

How can I hide the header and footer on specific pages?

How to display the logo above the main menu in the header or top section?

How to swap the search and open menu icons in the mobile header?

How to display the featured image at full width at the beginning of the posts?

How to enable infinite scroll?

How to create a floating menu button like Orbital?

The featured images in clusters (thumbnails) appear cropped, why?

In some parts of the text, there is no distinction between bold or heading and normal text, why?

The bold text appears blurred, why?

I change the font of the headings, but I don’t see the changes. Why?

Can I use Font Awesome with Wasabi?

How can I exclude pages from the search engine?

How to remove or change the color of the shadow of the search form for categories and pages?

How can I remove the search form from the categories?

How can I remove the search form from landing pages with a search form?

How can I insert a search box or search form?

How can I remove the automatic cluster of recent posts?

How can I prevent words from being cut off at the end of each line in a paragraph?

📢 Plugins

What plugins do you recommend to complement Wasabi Theme?

Is Wasabi Theme compatible with Elementor?

Is Wasabi Theme compatible with WooCommerce?

Is Wasabi Theme compatible with Page Generator Pro and WordPress Automatic?

Is Wasabi compatible with AMP?

➕ Others

How to report a problem

List of shortcodes substitutes for Gutenberg blocks

Do you have an affiliate program to refer sales and earn money by recommending Wasabi Theme?

How do you install the Wasabi child theme?

How can I enable the RSS feed?

How can I migrate my site from AAWP, Orbital, or another template to Wasabi Theme?

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