How to make money with Hotmart Affiliates in 2024

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

Do you want to make money promoting high-quality digital products? Then you should know about Hotmart Affiliates.

With this platform for buying and selling info products, you can even get a job alternative.

To help you take advantage of it, we have prepared this guide to explain in detail how to make money with Hotmart Affiliates.

What is Hotmart?

Hotmart affiliates

It is a global company that allows the distribution and marketing of a large number of digital products. Without forgetting that it has up to 7 million consumers who prefer this platform for its quality.

Hotmart’s success revolves around how intuitive and efficient its system is, both for producers and co-producers, consumers and affiliates. This allows even people with no experience in the area and use the platform to earn a good income.

How does the Hotmart affiliate program work?

One of the best ways to make money on Hotmart is by registering as an affiliate since you only have to be in charge of promoting digital products to increase their sales so that you can get commissions every time a person buys it.

However, in order for it to be a profitable source of income, it is necessary to be constant and efficient when promoting products. To do this, you can use social networks, websites or other platforms, which requires time, since otherwise You wouldn’t make much profit.

The advantage of opting for Hotmart is that you can earn money without being the one to create a product. Also, the best thing is that you can choose to promote more than one and thus have a better chance of winning.

Of course, the ideal is that you choose those with which you are best familiar, that relate to your niche and that guarantee a larger percentage of commissions.

It’s worth noting that you need not concern yourself with the method of recording your sales, as Hotmart features a comprehensive registration and tracking system. This system processes each income transaction and automatically accumulates it in your account.

How to create an account and enter Hotmart?

Thanks to the fact that Hotmart only makes its profits when a product is sold, you can register completely free by just following the steps below.

1. Access the official page

Access the Hotmart home page and once inside you must go to the upper right corner and click Register.

2. Register

Fill out the form with the required information such as full name, email and password. When you enter the data, click on the Sell Products option.

3. Choose an option

Automatically, when you click Follow you will see 3 different options to earn money within Hotmart, you must choose the one that says I want to sell products that are on Hotmart and earn commissions.

4. Add a product

When you log in to the platform you have three options available and among all of them you must click on Affiliate with a product.

5. Complete registration

In order to sell you need to complete the registration, to do so, you must click where it says Complete your registration to sell. Once inside you have to fill out the form with all the required information, such as whether you are a natural or legal person, any identification document, as well as your date of birth and others that you can see below.

Once you indicate all the required information, you just have to click on Save Changes.

6. Affiliate Marketplace

With the affiliate market, you can filter the products that are of most interest to you. In fact, you will have the ease of choosing the category that you like the most or simply opt for some of the products that are available in the Recommended section.

So that you have an idea of how much you can earn for each product, each one indicates the maximum cost, as well as the approximate profit to be obtained.

With these simple steps in just a few minutes you can register as a Hotmart affiliate.

What commissions does Hotmart offer as an affiliate?

Hotmart offers a wide range of commissions, however, the amount will depend on the price at which the seller is offering the product, but generally, a 50% commission is obtained from this.

In general, commissions range from 0% to 80%, which basically indicates that you must make a good selection of products so that you can obtain better profits for each sale.

You must keep in mind that the more you sell, the more money you can accumulate, therefore, we recommend that you not focus your attention on a single product with high commissions but on several that you are familiar with and that are easy for you to promote and market.

How does Hotmart pay?

Hotmart has different payment methods, this is because being a platform that currently has a reach of up to 188 countries, it is necessary to provide options to both buyers and sellers. In fact, it is possible to sell in 12 different types of currencies.

By registering as an affiliate you can have access to local payments.

Beyond that, you will have the possibility of collecting in euros, US dollars, reais and even using different types of accounts such as Payoneer, and PayPal, among others.

How can you make money with Hotmart Affiliates?

If now that you know everything you need about Hotmart you want to register as an affiliate, I tell you that one of the best ways to do it is by creating a niche in which you can include the links and thus promote the products, below I will show you how to do it .

1. Choose the niche

Choosing the right niche requires a good analysis, taking into account the type of products you want to promote based on the specific audience you want to address. If you want to have a much more extensive field, we recommend a generalist website, since this allows you to include different categories.

While if you want to address a specific audience and topic, the ideal is that you opt for a niche website where you can promote a single type of product. However, thanks to the fact that within Hotmart there is a wide variety of options and even within the same product you have a wide field of possibilities.

Keep in mind that to obtain more income you must make a careful selection of the products you want to sell, looking for those that offer a better commission percentage.

2. Buy the domain and hosting

The domain is basically the name with which people will be able to locate your website, while the hosting is the place where the website will be hosted.

To choose the domain you can use one of the many platforms that currently exist, we recommend that when choosing one, it is as simple and easy to remember as possible.

For its part, to choose a good hosting you must pay attention to the characteristics and benefits, for example, that it has good loading speed, disk space, and uptime of at least 99%, among other things.

3. Create the website with WordPress and Wasabi Theme

Once you have your hosting, the next step is to install WordPress within itself, since this content manager is very easy to use without forgetting that it is complete and that its interface is simple, which will allow you to create and edit your pages or entries in a simple way, plus you can include different plugins that make certain procedures faster so that you invest the least amount of time possible.

The next step is to choose the template you are going to use and in this case, one of the best is Wasabi Theme because it is optimized and focused on affiliation, which will allow you to sell more efficiently.

In fact, once installed it will be ready to start customizing by adding the logo, as well as choosing colors, entries and much more.

4. Do SEO

Once you are clear about the domain and hosting you want to use and you start creating texts, you must pay close attention to SEO, since it will depend on whether or not your website appears among the first results on Google when a person performs a search.

This goes beyond simply writing texts, the template you decide to use should also be SEO optimized if possible, as is the case with Wasabi Theme.

5. Read our complete and free guide

In case you want to have much more direct and precise guidance on how to create affiliate websites, the guide to creating niche pages that we have prepared for you contains all the details.

Are there alternatives to Hotmart?

In case you want to work with Hotmart, but at the same time look for other similar alternatives, you should know that you have options to choose from.

This is the case of Amazon Affiliates, one of the largest online sales platforms in the world, where you can also make profits by registering as an affiliate, as well as sell physical and digital products such as books, courses and much more.

Other alternatives are Thinkific or Gumroad where you can create or simply promote courses and earn for each sale you make.

The best thing is that thanks to the efficient drag-and-drop system you can sell quickly without having to invest a lot of time.

However, since this commercial field is so broad, the options are many, so the idea is that you consider and analyze some of them to see which is the most profitable both economically and in its operation so that you do not have to dedicate so much time to familiarize yourself with the platform you want to use.