How to make money with AWIN Affiliates in 2024

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

Are you looking for profitable affiliate programs with which to monetize your websites? Then, you should know AWIN Affiliates, a platform on which there are more than 21,000 advertisers, so it is quite likely that you will find at least one product to promote.

So that you can do it, I leave you a complete guide in which you will learn about the program and how you can make money with it. Let us begin.

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What is AWIN Affiliates?

AWIN is an affiliate platform or, as they present themselves on their website, “a global affiliate marketing network” that connects advertisers with site owners who want to obtain commissions on sales.

In terms of data, AWIN has offices in 17 countries, operates in more than 180, has some 241,000 registered affiliates and, as we said at the beginning, more than 21,000 brands.

Keep in mind that this is an affiliation platform and not a program, that is, it brings together advertisers in one place who in turn have their specific programs.

How does the AWIN affiliate program work?

AWIN works the same as any other affiliate program, that is, you sign up, choose the product for which you will be an affiliate, obtain a link, publish it on your website and every time a purchase is generated from it, you receive the established commission.

The platform works as an intermediary between the affiliate, which is the person who creates content for a website, blog, social network, community or email, with advertisers or brands.

Therefore, its role is to create a “bridge” between both parties so that there is more trust and the affiliate program can be fully managed.

Let’s take an example. The “A” brand, which sells sporting goods, is registered with AWIN. You have a sports website and you have an affiliate account on the platform.

Possibly, you are interested in showing “A” products on your website to earn sales. Therefore, you send a request to the brand, it reviews it and if it is interested in your website, it approves your request and from that moment you can begin to include the links on your site.

You will have access to banners and other resources from the AWIN panel and from the same platform you will be able to manage commission payments.

How to create an account on AWIN?

If you are interested in registering for this affiliate platform, now we will tell you the steps that will help you create an account quickly and easily.

The first thing you should do is enter their website from, once inside, click on Register.

This will give you access to the registration form that you will have to complete in its entirety, entering personal data, company information and the website that you will use to include affiliate links.

Your application will be reviewed and if everything goes well it will be approved, so you will be ready to take advantage of it.

What commissions does AWIN offer?

One of the most important questions is undoubtedly what are the commissions that AWIN offers, however, for this, there is no specific answer, because each affiliate program, that is, each brand or advertiser, establishes the percentage that it will pay its affiliates.

To find out how much the commissions are, you will need to join the program you are interested in, because otherwise it will not be shown.

Of course, if you want to be successful with this business model, I recommend that you do not focus so much on commissions, but on the affinity of the product with your site and with the interests of your visitors, only then will you have opportunities to make good money with AWIN.

How can you invoice AWIN?

Speaking of invoices, we come to the point of how payments are made in AWIN.

This platform pays via BACS, international bank transfer or ACH. They give you the option to choose whether you want to receive payments twice a month or once.

If you choose the first method, you will be paid on the 1st and 15th of each month, while if you want monthly payments, you will be paid on the 15th, whatever you have accumulated up to the 30th of the previous month.

Of course, keep in mind that you will be paid if you accumulate at least 20 euros in the billing period.

To establish the payment method and frequency, in addition to checking your payment history, you must enter Reports > Summary of your affiliate panel.

How can you make money with AWIN?

If you have already decided that you want to join AWIN, I leave you a series of steps that will help you make money with this platform:

Choose a niche

We could say that the niche is the sector that you will attack. It is the most important point in affiliation because whether you are successful or not will depend on it, since it determines what product or products you can promote.

You can choose to create a general website in which you show products from different categories, a thematic website in which you limit yourself to a certain category or a niche website where you stick with a specific product.

One way to choose a niche that is profitable is to use keyword research tools that will help you see which products have the most sales or are most popular.

It is important that what you are going to promote fits its content because this will increase the purchase possibilities. For example, if you have a maternity website, there is no point in promoting men’s perfumes, as your audience would not come to your website looking for this latest product.

When you find a product that is related to your website, you can enter its details in AWIN to find out about topics such as its price and commission.

Buy the domain and hosting

Every website needs two fundamental elements: the domain and the hosting.

  • The domain is the name that your page will have, that is, its address on the internet.
  • Hosting is the space in the cloud (server) in which your website and its content are hosted.

When a person enters your domain in their browser, it will connect with the server so that they can see the website they are accessing on their screen.

The domain must be simple so that users remember it easily and the hosting must have the technical characteristics that WordPress requires to function, as well as offer good loading speed, bandwidth, a generous amount of disk space and an Uptime of the 99% minimum.

You can buy the domain and hosting from the same company. In fact, web hosting providers generally offer a free domain (the first year) when you sign up for some of their plans.

In case you prefer to buy them separately, you can also do so and then make the connection between the two.

Create the website with WordPress and Wasabi Theme

The next step is to create your website, the one that you will use to include your affiliate links.

The main option to create a website today is WordPress, the most popular content manager. Plus, it’s free, and secure, there’s plenty of documentation, and it will allow you to create a professional-looking website.

Installing WordPress is not difficult at all and you can do it from your hosting control panel with a couple of clicks. In a few minutes, you will have your website online, but now you will have to change the theme or template so that it looks better.

Although there are thousands of options, install Wasabi Theme, a 100% SEO optimized, responsive and tailor-made template for those who want to make money with affiliation.

Once you purchase and download the theme, you have to install it from your WordPress admin under Appearance > Themes > Add New.

After installing Wasabi, you must make the basic customizations, for example, include your logo, create menus, and configure the type of permanent links, among other options that make your website attractive and functional.


SEO is the set of strategies that are used inside (on the page) and outside (off-page) of the website so that it is positioned, that is, shown in the first positions of search engines, which increases traffic and as a result, the probability of your link being clicked and a product being purchased.

Luckily, if you already have Wasabi Theme installed, you are part of the way, because as we mentioned in the previous point, it is 100% SEO Friendly, that is, it is already prepared to position.

Of course, you can’t leave everything to the template, you also have to work, which means using keywords, headings, internal and external links, images, among other aspects, well.

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If you want to see each of these steps better explained, then you will surely be interested in our complete guide to creating niche pages.

Are there alternatives to AWIN?

If for some reason you are not accepted on AWIN, you do not find a product that interests you or your audience or you simply want to diversify by joining other networks and affiliate programs, you will be happy to know that there are several that you can join.

This is the case with Amazon Affiliates (the most interesting affiliate program), Clickbank, Webgains, Tradedoubler, AliExpress, Commission Junction, Admitad and others.