Ezoic: opinions and operating guide of this alternative to AdSense

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

Monetizing a website or blog can be a challenge and a nightmare for newbies. But there are several platforms that aim to simplify things, and today we are going to tell you about one of them, Ezoic, an alternative to AdSense.

It is true that there are divided opinions among the user community, that is why in this article I will tell you the truth about this platform so that you can start using it and obtain the profits you deserve for your website.

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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an ad administration and management platform where website owners can do deep testing to find out what works on their site.

It has powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) that allows you to obtain performance metrics and make comparisons of tests for better decision making.

Although a priori it seems that it may be complex, and although it is true that it has its advanced configurations, Ezoic offers a good support service for installation.

The problem is that in the long run, it does require you to have some specific technical knowledge; That is, newbies will find it somewhat difficult.

Unlike what many believe, Ezoic is not an advertising network as such, as Google AdSense is, but rather it is a tool designed so that ad editors can optimize their ads, which includes the format (text, image or video), the location on the page and the size.

Of course, the creators of Ezoic do not miss the opportunity to also offer advertising services, so from the same platform you can get ads from the main ad networks in the world, including AdSense.

How does Ezoic work?

Ezoic has machine learning artificial intelligence that allows you to automate the publication of ads.

To do this, use the settings that you establish as preferences, but also take into account the results of the tests you perform, in this way optimize the placement of advertising.

Likewise, the publication of advertisements is adapted based on the behavior of visitors, thus advertising is eliminated or added.

It is also worth noting that the platform keeps up to date with the regional regulations of each country, ensuring that users always comply with the laws.

On the other hand, with Ezoic you can get a boost with search engine optimization, since it has technical SEO settings, especially related to the loading speed of ads and the rest of the content you already have on your website.

How to create an account on Ezoic?

The Ezoic registration process is quite simple, and you can complete it with the following steps.

Sign up

Go to the Ezoic website and click on the Get Started button, or on one of the buttons that say Start Free Trial.

Complete the data form on your website, especially the email from which you will manage your Ezoic account.

Next, enter the domain of your website:

Select which aspect of your website you are interested in improving. With this, your account will be ready.

After that, you can start editing all your account settings.

Regarding the requirements, it is worth saying that it is no longer necessary for your website to have a minimum of 10 thousand visits per month to qualify, since this parameter was eliminated so that growing websites have the opportunity; but they must register through the Access Now entry.

As a general rule, your website must meet the requirements of Google AdSense to be acceptable to Ezoic.

However, some restrictions apply on the part of the latter; For example, corporate sites and eCommerce sites have to undergo an evaluation by a customer service agent to be able to integrate into the platform.

How does Ezoic pay?

The Ezoic platform has a much more convenient payment system than other options, such as AdSense. The payment methods are:

  1. Payoneer (bank transfers to approved and verified accounts).
  2. PayPal.
  3. Cheque.

The minimum accumulated balance threshold is $20, that is, you must have generated at least $20 to be able to receive payment, otherwise it will remain accumulated until you reach the amount.

When you achieve it, the platform will make the payment effective during the 27th to 30th of the following month. For example, if you earned $52 in October, you will receive it in your account between November 27th and 30th. During all this time the platform collects payments so that you always receive them on a fixed date, since some advertisers are late.

How can you make money with Ezoic?

With that attractive offer of $20 per month, you surely now want to start monetizing with Ezoic. But to do so and not die trying, you have to follow the order of ideas and strategies that I tell you below:

Select an appropriate niche

Thinking that you can write about what you like is, perhaps, the first idea that comes to mind, but this is not the main aspect that you should consider.

It is true that you have to choose to talk about something that is relatively easy and comfortable for you to work on, but you have to sacrifice comfort if you want to make money.

Therefore, you have to give more weight to the following aspects:

  • Choose a specific niche: general websites have a lot of competition, so it is best to work on a specific topic, but one that supports enough content. This way you will have a larger target audience that, at the same time, has specific needs. Here is an interesting guide to finding a profitable niche.
  • A good PPC: paying per clicks is very important, because to make money with your website you should not just work “for the love of art.” Research which niches have higher rates per click and see if they don’t have too much competition; choose one with a good balance in this regard.
  • Competition in search results: following the previous order of ideas, you should not compete with SEOs who have been in a niche for years and who practically own it. Make sure you attack niches that have good profitability and that few work in, so you will have more opportunities for growth.
  • Possible CTR: although you cannot know what the CTR of a niche is without working on it (unless you have a couple of friends who work on it and let you see their numbers), what you can do is combine the logic as a user and the data you obtain; For example, you could research a topic as if you were a consumer and study the way you yourself consume the content. That will give you an idea of the CTR that the niche has.

Buy hosting and a domain

The web hosting you choose can influence the performance of your website, and more specifically, the resources of the package you hire. Therefore, try to find a balance between your current capital and the progress you estimate you can make in the first year.

The idea is that you don’t get too short or pay for something that you don’t use until a year and a half or 2 years later.

Additionally, whether you buy it from the same hosting company or from another provider, it is imperative that you get a domain for your website.

There are those who are fortunate enough to find an expired domain that they can reuse and that already has a certain authority. However, it is just as valid to buy a completely new one.

Use WordPress and Wasabi Theme to design your website

The WordPress CMS offers the best advantages in every way, one of them is that hosting companies already include it among their options, so you don’t have to manage it separately. You can even get companies that already have it installed on their servers.

Another notable advantage of WordPress is that it has an extensive repository of templates to improve the website, a notable one being Wasabi Theme. This theme is optimized for websites that monetize with advertising and affiliation, as well as SEO.

Work on SEO

Search engine positioning (SEO) strategies are essential so that you can rank better on Ezoic and get better paid ads. Therefore, learn about the specific actions that affect your place in search results so that you can improve them as much as possible.

A great help that you have is Wasabi theme, this template already comes with technical SEO functions that will help you improve the quality of your website, making it more attractive to users, which in turn, increases your rating for Google. The result: a better position in the SERPs and more payment for Ezoic ads.

Read the complete free guide

I have told you the general aspects of what you need to make money with Ezoic, but at each point there are more aspects to consider in depth. Therefore, I invite you to read the complete guide to creating niche pages. It’s totally free.

Are there alternatives to Ezoic?

Ezoic is not the only option to manage your ads by any means. There are others like The Moneytizer.

Another of the main competencies is Google AdSense, Google’s platform with which you can achieve excellent profitability for your website regardless of the niche. But as I have told you throughout this post, in reality, Ezoic is a solution to the “limitations” of AdSense.

Therefore, it is good to do a comparative analysis that clarifies the situation:

Ezoic vs AdSense

To begin with, you must understand that these are really 2 platforms that are essentially very different.

AdSense is an advertising network, meaning that advertisers apply their advertising from there and website owners offer their spaces to publish the ads.

Ezoic is only responsible for optimizing the placement and publication of the ads.

It is true that Ezoic has functions that allow you to reach advertising networks, including AdSense, but it (Ezoic) is not the one who mediates between those involved but is in charge of making sure that both of them win according to the objective they pursue.

This leads us to another clarification: instead of being rivals, in reality, they are partners or associates.

Both complement each other to ensure that brands and website owners can earn money from users who consume content, while each one keeps a percentage.