How to make money with Webgains affiliate program

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

If you’re looking for competitive, reliable affiliate programs that allow you to generate recurring earnings, you must know about Webgains, one of the best affiliate platforms in the current market.

Webgains has become a favorite for many because it brings together a large number of advertisers, from well-known brands and companies to small businesses looking to make themselves known, so the chances of generating income are high.

In this article, we’ll tell you how Webgains works and what you need to do to create an account and start taking advantage of affiliate marketing.

πŸ€” What is Webgains?

Complete Guide to Affiliation with Webgains Affiliates

Webgains defines itself as an affiliate marketing network that connects advertisers, website owners (affiliates), and buyers.

It was founded in 2004 and today it is a global company with 1,800 advertisers and 250,000 affiliates from 230 countries, so it is quite likely that you will find at least one program to join.

As an affiliate, you can earn by promoting well-known brands like AliExpress to emerging companies looking to gain market share.

πŸ“– Features of Webgains

  • Available in English
  • 1800 registered advertisers
  • Minimum payout: €20
  • Weekly payment via bank transfer, SEPA, and PayPal

πŸ“™ How Webgains Works

Webgains works like most affiliate networks, using the triangular scheme.

The first step is to join the network by creating a new account. The user who wants to join as an affiliate must have a website or blog to promote the brands.

Next, the affiliate will join the brands, which involves choosing what they want to promote on their site. By doing so, they will have access to a set of materials that include their affiliate link, which they can share with their audience.

When a person makes a purchase of a product following the link, the affiliate will receive a commission for the sale, which depends on the conditions established by each advertiser.

But how are you going to attract sales from your website?

Webgains not only generates an affiliate link but also provides the advertiser with various options to achieve conversions. These include the ability to generate discount coupons and exclusive offers, retargeting campaigns, and email marketing to increase the chances of achieving good results.

At all times, the affiliate can have detailed insights into their account’s performance. For example, they can track their earnings or see which ads have yielded the best results.

From its intuitive user panel, automatic reports and personalized recommendations are displayed to enhance reach and results.

βœ… How to create an account on Webgains

Webgains is a free platform, and to register as an affiliate, you need to click on Join.

The registration process has three phases: filling out your personal information, payment information, and website details. But before that, you must select which network you want to join: Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, or the United States, among other countries.

Personal Information

In this section, you need to provide important details such as your name, type of organization, email address, username, password, phone number, and billing information.

Some of this data will only be visible to Webgains administrators, while others will also be visible to advertisers.

Payment Details

In the second part of the form, you must choose the method to receive your payments. Currently, there are three options: International bank transfer, PayPal, and SEPA.

If you select bank transfer, you will need to enter the account holder’s name, IBAN number, and SWIFT code. The same information, along with the bank name, will be required if you choose SEPA. If you prefer to receive payment via PayPal, you only need to enter the associated email address.

Next, indicate whether you are registering for VAT (Value Added Tax) or not.

Before proceeding to the next step, please read the terms of the contract and the self-billing agreement.

Website Details

The final step to register as an affiliate on Webgains is to include the address of the website where you want to display advertisers’ advertisements. If you want to do this on more than one website, write each URL on a separate line.

In case you are going to participate in keyword campaigns, you must enter the campaign name and the search engine, for example Google, Bing, or others.

To complete the registration, click on “Submit Application”. You will see a notification informing you that your application will be reviewed within a maximum period of 48 hours so that your account can be activated.

πŸ€‘ How to Make Money with Webgains Affiliates

If your account is already activated, it’s time to log in with your username and password.

Upon logging in, you will see your dashboard where, among other things, the account performance, financial summary, and featured/new programs are displayed. However, you can choose what you want to see on this screen from the Add/Remove Widgets button.

To start earning money with Webgains, you need to join a program. To do this, click on “Clients”, where you’ll find various options related to programs and how to find them.

To discover all available programs sorted by categories, select “Programs by category”.

If you chose the affiliate network of the United Kingdom upon login, then by default, the available programs for the country will be displayed. However, if you prefer to view programs from another country, simply select it.

The programs in Webgains are organized into 14 main categories: Art, Automotive, Home and Garden, Food, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Internet, Books and Magazines, Fashion, Gifts, Technology and Telecommunications, Stores, and Travel.

When you click on a category, its subcategories and the number of programs in each will be displayed.

When you select a subcategory, a summary of all available programs will be displayed, similar to the one shown in the following image:

If you’re interested in a program, click on its name to get all the details.

In the program profile, you will see, among other information, a summary of the program, the type of promotion allowed, and most importantly, the statistics. Among these numbers, the most important thing is to know how much commission you will earn per sale, the cookie period, and the conversion rate.

If these numbers convince you, click on Join. Some programs require manual approval of the application, while others accept you automatically.

Discount Coupons

You can also earn money with Webgains by sharing discount coupons available on the platform with your audience. To obtain them, select Ads > Coupons from the main menu.

All active coupons will be displayed, but you can limit your search by country or expiration date.

To use the coupons, you must join the respective program, but first review the information on the sheet: coupon code, discount applied, commission you will earn and the validity period.

When your request is approved, you will be able to share the coupons on your website and thus generate a greater number of conversions.

How to make more money with Webgains

In order to generate income with Webgains, the most important key is to choose the appropriate campaigns, that is, those that may be of interest to your audience.

Let’s take an example, if you have a car parts website, you will not do anything to promote a brand of baby items, because your target audience is not interested in those products.

Therefore, even if you see many campaigns with a good profit margin, ask yourself first if joining it will be of any use.

Another thing we recommend to make more money with Webgains is to join their Academy where you can learn to sell more.

πŸ’° How Webgains pays

Webgains is a reliable affiliate platform that since its inception has paid its affiliates when they reach the minimum of €20.

Payments to affiliates are made by bank transfer, Sepa and PayPal, every week or once a month, as stipulated in the Payment information section of the Account menu.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Advantages and disadvantages of Webgains

Webgains, like all affiliate platforms, has its strengths and weaknesses, some of them are:


  • More than 1,500 registered advertisers, including popular brands
  • The minimum amount to collect is low
  • Most programs have discount coupons


  • When you sign up, your account goes through a verification process that can take two days.

Now that you know how Webgains works and how you can register as an affiliate, don’t wait any longer and join this great affiliate marketing network.