Why you should NOT download Wasabi Theme nulled or for free

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

I know that each penny has a lot of value nowadays. That is why it does not surprise me that many people try to download Wasabi Theme for free and pirate. However, doing so is a bad idea. Below, I will explain why you should NOT download Wasabi Theme for free or nulled.

Why you should NOT download Wasabi Theme for free or nulled

🐛 It may include a Trojan or other kind of virus/malicious code

This is one of the most critical points. Many times, hacked themes come with malicious codes inside. Why do you think people share those themes for free?

In the best-case scenario, all they have done is include a link to their website, improving their SEO and worsening yours.

In the worst-case scenario, it may have injected malicious code that harms your website and visitors. For example, you could:

  • Send mass emails with SPAM from the server.
  • Redirect some or all visits to an external website, usually with unethical content (porn, casinos, drugs, etc.).
  • Add external links to pages of dubious reputation and questionable ethics (just like in the previous case).
  • Generate new pages on the site that are invisible to the user but visible to Google (known as cloaking), resulting in an abrupt loss of SEO.
  • Turn your server into a zombie machine that becomes part of a botnet used to carry out attacks on other servers (known as DDoS attacks). You could even end up taking the fall for this.
  • Steal personal information or passwords from the database.

No server can 100% protect you. Downloading a hacked theme is like playing Russian Roulette.

🚫 It is illegal

Wasabi Theme DOES IS NOT GPL, so downloading it from third-party websites is illegal. Although they tell you that it is a GPL, it is a lie. It is not.

If I somehow find out that you are using this theme illegally, I could take legal action against you.

I try not to waste my time on it if it can be solved “in a good way” but it is a reality.

💀 You can end up killing the project’s future.

A single person entirely maintains this theme. I, who am writing this, take charge of programming, distribution, offering support, and accounting. I will stop working on it if I stop giving me what I consider fair money in exchange for my work.

The theme may cease to exist by using it for free. And this goes for this theme and anything else. If you want to contribute to the project’s continuity, remember that you can buy the theme at a good discount.

As you can see, downloading Wasabi Theme for free may seem like a good idea, but the truth is that you are putting your own business at risk. The most convenient thing to do is make a small investment to acquire it legitimately and forget about problems.

👎 You will not have technical support

Naturally, you will not be entitled to technical support if your Wasabi Theme version is hacked or nulled. Therefore, you will have to fix whatever problem you have.

On the other hand, If you have a license, I will help you solve the problems myself.

⚠️ It will not update, and you will be left with an obsolete code

The first reason not to download Wasabi Theme for free is that you will not be entitled to updates. This may seem irrelevant. After all, the theme works. But the truth is that it can be dangerous.

Firstly, due to not being up to date, it may have security vulnerabilities that allow third parties to hack your website. Keep in mind that many updates are not focused on adding new features but on fixing bugs and security exploits.

Secondly, some plugins may stop working as they are not updated. Whenever a plugin is updated, I check the theme to ensure everything is working fine. If a theme has stopped working correctly, I update the theme to correct the said problem. If your theme is not updated, the plugin will not work again.

And finally, it can worsen your SEO. The theme is constantly updated with the latest Google guidelines, which change. So if your theme is not up to date, you could be following Google’s old guidelines, which could work against you when it comes to SEO.