How to create automatic websites in WordPress for Amazon or AdSense

Wasabi Team
Wasabi Team

I’m sure you’ve heard about automated websites and that with these you can make a lot of money without doing practically anything and that’s why you want to jump into the pool and create one or a few of them.

If so, you can’t miss this guide, because I explain step by step what you need to do to create your automatic website for Amazon or AdSense. But first, we will see what these types of sites are and if they really do not involve much effort.

How to create automatic websites in WordPress for Amazon or AdSense

What is an automatic website?

Automatic websites are part of black hat SEO, the dark side of positioning. What does it consist of?

They are those websites in which the content is generated quickly through the intervention of software.

That is, an editor is not hired to create the texts but rather they are obtained automatically with the help of certain programs.

The idea is that it is a page whose content is original from Google’s point of view, and attacks a greater number of keywords and positions faster by using long tail keywords.


  • You need less time to create a complete website
  • You don’t need to hire an editor
  • Specialized programs can create original content
  • You will attack a large number of keywords, even those that you did not imagine at first


  • You need to dedicate time to content curation
  • It is necessary to invest in incoming links (backlinks)
  • If Google discovers you, it can penalize you

Types of automatic websites

When we talk about automatic websites we are referring to a group that involves several types that differ from each other in the way the content is generated (always automated). They are these two:

Spintax Content

With Spintax-type websites, a base text is created and all the desired variants are created from it. It is widely used to attack several keywords from different pages.

This is an example of spintax:

{Estás buscando|Buscas|Te interesan} {los mejores|los más recomendados} auriculares inalámbricos? Llegaste {al sitio|al portal|al post} {correcto|adecuado|indicando}.

Various versions will be generated from the previous text, let’s look at some:

  • Are you looking for the best wireless headphones? You came to the right place.
  • Are you looking for the most recommended wireless headphones? You came to the right post.
  • Are you interested in the best wireless headphones? You arrived at the indicated portal.

This allows you to obtain many original pages just by having written a text.

Of course, I’ll be honest with you: pinning is easy but it requires effort and time. In addition, you will need a spintax program that is responsible for creating all the versions.

Some programs that will be useful if you want to create this type of automatic website are:

  • Page Generator Pro
  • Web Scraping

The Web Scraping technique allows us to take an entire page, including post headers, meta description and text, allowing us to copy that content to another site.

How to prevent Google from detecting plagiarized content? Generally, web scraping is done on web pages that are in other languages and then, with the help of other software, it is translated into the language of the target site.

Finally, the generated content is imported to the website with the help of other tools, for example, WordPress plugins.

For scraping you can use tools such as:

  • Scrapers
  • Scrapy

Translated content

This is the easiest type of automatic website to explain. It consists of taking a site or part of its content and translating it, and then publishing it on your page.

This passes in front of Google as original content.

Today one of the best software for translating is DeepL and if you have access to its API it will be much better.

Of course, many times automatic translations are not completely accurate, so I recommend that you use a “bridge” when moving from one language to another.

I’ll explain it to you with an example. If you want to translate from German to Spanish, you can do the translation like this: German > English > Spanish. This way the translation will be better.

How to make an automatic website step by step

The steps to create an automatic website vary from one type to another. We are going to explain the most common and simple process to you.

The reading order from here is as follows: read the step-by-step guide and then we recommend watching the following short video about how to create an Autoblog blogging AI website with ChatGPT in WordPress (available on YouTube):

1. Choose a niche

The starting point is to choose the niche, that is, the topic your website will deal with. This involves selecting the website you are going to scrape.

Spend time on this step so that you find the right site, without forgetting to do a keyword study in the language of your website.

2. Extract URLs

For the purposes of this guide, we will use the Web Scraper extension for Chrome which you can download from here.

If you already have the website that you are going to scrape, you will have to go to it and choose which pages will be the contents of which you want to copy.

Once you are in it, you must open the developer tools by pressing F12 and go to the Web Scraper tab.

You will see a window like this:

Next, click Create New Sitemap > Create sitemap

In the Sitemap name, assign a name to identify it and in the Start URL write the address of the site you are creating.

Click on Create Sitemap. With this, we will be inside the sitemap that we just created. Now we can add selectors indicating what we want to extract.

Here we are interested in choosing the type, which in our case will be HTML to bring us all the content of the entries, we check Multiple and click on Select.

With this, a box will be displayed on the page we are scraping. Now we select what we want to copy.

Once we select everything, we click on Done selecting. Then click the Save selector.

The time has come for the extension to scrape the web, to do this, click on the Sitemap assigned name and select Scrape > Start scraping

A new browser window will open and when it closes you have to click on Refresh to show what was obtained after the process.

Now we will have to download the generated file, by clicking on Sitemap sitemapname > Export Data.

You will see two options to download it in xls or in csv.

3. Clean the website

Before starting to translate the content, it will be necessary to clean it, that is, remove what we do not want.

If you use a paid scraping tool, you may waste less time on this step since the content will come much cleaner than what we get with the Chrome extension.

4. Translate the content

You can do the translation in the DeepL tool, which is one of the most accurate online translators currently.

For the volume of translations that you will need, it is best that you hire the API because you will need it.

5. Create your website with WordPress

At this point, you may not have the automatic web page created yet, so it’s time to do it. To do this, choose a domain and hosting and install WordPress (possibly the hosting comes pre-installed).

Then, upload a theme, of course, I recommend Wasabi Theme, since it has everything your niche website needs to position.

6. Upload automatic entries

You already have the website and the content, now you have to upload it to the page.

You can do this step with the WP Content Bot plugin (paid) that allows you to import multiple articles at the same time.

7. Work on SEO

In the case of automatic websites, you have to especially work on off-page SEO, that is, what you do outside the page.

Invest in backlinks that help you gain authority and position. You can buy links on a specialized platform, buy links in sponsored posts or write guest posts on other sites with a similar theme to your automated website.